Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Repentance-The First Step on the Road to Hope and Change

Many Christians I know are responding with sturdy resignation to the "catastrophe on moral issues" that occurred yesterday. Many are pointing out that God is sovereign. Others note that we need to be in subjection and pray for governing authorities. Others remind us that we need not despair or be discouraged. To all these observations I say a hearty, "Amen."

But may I add another thought? This is not to downplay anything of the good points that have been made, but simply to encourage further reflection and positive response. Along with acknowledging that God is sovereign, we must also acknowledge that God is just, and that what he is bringing to pass in this election has all the earmarks of judgment (Romans 1:18-32). We will miss the opportunity if we simply say, "Let's get busy and work hard over the next four years" or "Let's get back to spiritual work instead of politics." We will miss the opportunity for repentance.

We must acknowledge that our nation has been progressively adopting idols as its gods for a long time now. I'm not discouraged by the election of Barack Obama to the presidency, per se. This is simply par for the course we are on. I will be discouraged if God's people respond to this with American "can-do" activism without first repenting of the sins which have gotten us into this mess in the first place. Without recognizing how much we have contributed to the problem by our die-hard commitment to personal autonomy and equality. Without rebuilding the church as the unified centerpiece of God's program. Without depending upon our families and local associations instead of national government.

One of my fears if Mitt Romney would have been elected was that Christians would rest easy, thinking that somehow our nation was on a good track. Thankfully, that mirage has evaporated (again!). This election is another clear signal that we are a humanistic nation which fundamentally trusts in man. Idolatry flourishes in our social systems. Until we admit it, we are going to have a difficult time figuring out how we ought to live.

God is still sovereign, and we can serve him right here and right now. We can be the people of God, no matter what our political circumstances. We need not despair...but neither should we be cavalier. I believe these election results are a weighty call to repentance. May God grant us that grace, for the sake of his name.

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