Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Gospel-less Gospel-Centeredness

With all the talk about being "gospel-centered" these days, it is important that we keep a clear head about what this does and does not mean biblically. Mark Snoeberger addresses "The Problem of 'Gospel-Centered' Sanctification" with accuracy here.

Mark writes,

Some have seized the “Gospel-Centered” banner and have used it to wage general war on law and works—after all, they argue,
Major Premise: The Gospel is Justification.
Minor Premise: Justification is destroyed by law and works.
Conclusion: The Gospel is destroyed by law and works.
So what’s wrong with the syllogism? Well, the logical structure is fine, so if an error is to be found, it has to be in one of the premises. In this case, it is the major premise.

For his explanation, read the whole post.

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