Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Convincing Evangelism

Biblical evangelism has always been about being like Jesus and speaking the truth of Jesus in order to make followers of Jesus. We don't have to put the rhetorical gun to anybody's head. We simply have to unveil the Truth and let him work. The Spirit of Jesus is the ultimate Convincer. The testimony of Rosaria Butterfield illustrates one way that one pastor and one church did just that.

John H. Leith wrote,

Evangelism in the Reformed tradition can only be conceived in simple, direct, and unadorned fashion....[A]ny attempt to overwhelm is off-limits. The rhetoric of Reformed evangelism will be primarily its content, not the medium of its expression. The medium will express, not obscure, the content. It will seek to convince, not to beguile.

Leith could have just dropped talk of the "reformed tradition," for he is describing evangelism as the Bible describes it (1 Cor 2:1-5).

I'm sure Rosaria could teach us a great deal about evangelism, but more importantly, we have the Spirit of Christ to enable us to proclaim Christ and to draw others to the life of Christ. May the Spirit do his convincing work through us this year!

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