Friday, February 22, 2013

A Few Links

It's been quiet on the blog this week as I focus more time and energy into preparing for our upcoming seminar on Christian ethics. So to keep you from being bored out of your minds (since I know you depend on this blog for quality entertainment), and to encourage some good reading, here are a couple links to articles you should check out.

What to think about Tim Tebow withdrawing from speaking at First Baptist Church in Dallas? Carl Trueman has the answer.

Ed Stetzer is a church-planting/church-growth guru among Southern Baptists. As I attempted (a feeble attempt, but an attempt none-the-less) to become well-equipped for church planting, in 2004 I read his book Planting New Churches in a Post-Modern Age. I had and still have significant concerns about flaws in his approach. David Doran exposes the flaw of failing to define what it means for churches to thrive biblically.

And just for fun:

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