Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Real Thing

Here is a great article to read as a follow-up to our most recent sermon: "The Day of Atonement was a Copy of Christ's Atonement" by Sinclair Ferguson.

The conclusion:

Take time to meditate long and hard on this aspect of Christ’s priesthood and on its implications. Hebrews refers to at least four conclusions to be drawn. Since you have such a Great High Priest, who by His blood has opened a new and living way into the Most Holy Place (10:19–20):
  • Draw near to God in full assurance (10:22).
  • Do not draw back from running the Christian race (10:39).
  • Fix your eyes on Jesus since He is such a great Savior (12:1–2).
  • Be prepared to go outside the camp, sharing Christ’s humiliation (13:13–14).
This is the pathway on which Christ will lead you into the presence of God.

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