Saturday, April 06, 2013

Strange Fire

Do you like stories that keep you on the edge of your seat through unexpected twists in the plot? If so, then our text this Lord's Day should definitely keep your attention.

Everything seemed to be glorious. The Lord had come to dwell among his people Israel, the sacrificial system had been instituted, the priests had been consecrated, and now God and man could live together in peace, love, and abundant life. What could go wrong?

But something did go wrong, and in a deadly way. Join us tomorrow to learn some serious lessons about our worship.

God Himself Is Present
Psalm 42
Holy, Holy, Holy (#3)

Scripture Reading
Old Testament: Leviticus 18:19-30; Psalm 15
New Testament: Luke 11:14-32

Worship, Wisdom, and Work Series - Strange Fire and Our Worship - Leviticus 10 

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