Saturday, May 18, 2013

Pure Love and Our Worship

In Leviticus 18 and 20, the Lord outlawed specific kinds of sexual relations.

Sexual relations...rather a hot topic in our current cultural climate, isn't it? But these texts do nothing to stimulate prurient interest in wickedness. To the pornographic mind, these texts are more like a club over the head than anything else.

At the same time, however, to read these chapters as primarily about prohibiting certain forms of sexual relations is to completely miss what they are driving at. At their heart, these texts are about holy love for the Lord and for our neighbor. Flowing from that holy love is a deep abhorrence for anything which would destroy the life of our neighbor in relationship with the Lord.

At the heart of holiness is love. Loving life means hating that which destroys life. Join us this Lord's Day to learn how to show pure love.

O Father, Thou Whose Love Profound (#29)
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Scripture Reading
Old Testament: Leviticus 22:1-16; Psalm 50
New Testament: Luke 13:1-9

Worship, Wisdom, and Work Series: Pure Love and Our Worship - Leviticus 18, 20 

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