Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Love from Beginning to End

"Nothing is of the nature of true virtue," Jonathan Edwards said, "in which God is not the first and the last."

Edwards' biographer George Marsden explains. "God is love and the source of all love. True love, true benevolence, is love that resonates with God's love and is in harmony with it. This conclusion, Edwards pointed out, is a necessary implication of 'the preceding discourse of God's End in Creating the World.' God's very being is 'love and friendship which subsists eternally and necessarily between the several persons of the Godhead.' The ultimate end or expression of creation is as an expression of that love. Intelligent beings are created with the very purpose to be united in love with the Godhead. And to be united in love with the Godhead means to love what God loves, or all being."

Jonathan Edwards: A Life (p. 467)

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