Friday, September 20, 2013

Three Life Lessons

Three life lessons we all need--
1. Don't get caught as security for others' debts.
2. Don't become a sluggard.
3. Watch out for the worthless man who sows discord.

Join us this Lord's Day to learn how our faith in Christ steers us away from these potholes.

All Hail the Power of Jesus' Name (#38)
O Lord, Behold Us at Thy Feet (#730)
Come, Children, Learn to Fear the Lord
Ho! Ye that Thirst (#678)

Scripture Reading
Old Testament: Numbers 5:1-10; Psalm 136
New Testament: Luke 20:19-26

Worship, Wisdom, and Work Series: Three Life Lessons - Proverbs 6:1-19

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Pictures of the Flood

The Denver Post has a great collection of photos of the flood. Not the biblical one, just the Great Colorado One.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Some Links for End of the Week Reading

If you are looking to fill a few spare minutes with some edifying reading this Saturday, here are few link for you to check out.

"Indulge Me in a Parable" about modesty, by Rebekah Jankovic

"Public Worship" by David de Bruyn, good preparation for tomorrow

"Paradigm Shift" by Kevin Bauder, on the radical secularism American Christians now face. A quote:
For at least three generations, American Christians have tried to teach their children the meaning of Christianity by offering them fun and games. This program has left increasing numbers of young people unable to resist the perspectives of secularization. The American church has won more and more young people to less and less Christianity. If the world is finally about to show its brutality, how can children be instructed so that they will shine as lights in the darkness? How will future generations of Christian leaders be equipped to shepherd their flocks through the savage days to come?

Friday, September 13, 2013

The Talk

In our text this Lord's Day, the Holy Spirit sits us down and gives us "the talk." Yes, I mean that talk, the one every father needs to have with his son. If we are going to have the wisdom to work out our worship, then we must become skilled in the area of sex. We must know how to walk the path of life as male and female, and we must know how to avoid the path of death. It is the difference between an intoxicatingly joyful life and an excruciatingly painful death. This is a crucial and timely word for a world that is foolishly being led astray.

Praise the Savior (17)
Psalm 119b
Psalm 119d
Called unto Holiness (226)

Scripture Reading
Old Testament: Numbers 4:21-49; Psalm 32
New Testament: Luke 20:1-18

Worship, Wisdom, and Work Series: Wisdom and a Woman - Proverbs 5:1-23

Friday, September 06, 2013

Old Paths, Bright Paths

In our continuing pursuit of wisdom, which is really nothing other than a drive to know the Lord in all of his glory, we come now to Proverbs 4, where the father passes on to his sons the wisdom which his own father taught him. There is a multi-generational vision of faithfulness to enjoy from the Scriptures together this Lord's Day!

Come Ye that Fear the Lord
Praise Ye Jehovah (4)
We Rest on Thee (600)
On Jordan's Stormy Banks I Stand (649)

Scripture Reading
Old Testament: Numbers 4:1-20; Psalm 135
New Testament: Luke 19:28-48

Worship, Wisdom, and Work Series: Old Paths, Bright Paths - Proverbs 4

Freedom to Make Disciples

For all my homeschooling friends (and others who want to listen in)

As you have probably heard, police stormed the house of the Wunderlich family near Darmstadt, Germany, and took their children. Their crime was homeschooling.

Meanwhile, here in the United States, you are allowed to homeschool. However, it seems that some people consider you to be a very bad person if you do not send your children to the public school. I encourage you to read this "manifesto" and see if you are not convicted and cut to the heart by the powerful reasoning demonstrated by this astute thinker.

Just in case you are wondering, that last sentence was tongue in cheek. But this really is serious...if this article is supposed to represent the level of education produced by the public school system, then I wouldn't send Darwin's great-great-granddaddy there. Thankfully, there are a great many graduates of the public school system who do use their reasoning powers in ways vastly superior to the author of the manifesto. (If you do read the manifesto, then you really should read this sharp response by Christopher Tollefsen.)

Education never has been and never will be religion-neutral. Our contemporary form of public education is structurally secular. You can read the Bible and pray in the public schools all you want to, and you will still be training up young people in a secular worldview, for the public educational system in our nation, like the political system, attempts to cordon off faith into the private sphere. With mounds of paperwork and hours of screen time, it tries to bury the fact that faith is involved in all knowledge. But confessing that Jesus is Lord, which is the fundamental confession of faith of the Christian (Rom 10:9), is structurally incompatible with the religion of secularism. (For a couple recent thoughtful engagements on this issue, see "Do Christian Kids Need Christian Education?" and "Classical Christian Education and Public Witness.")

Christian education is one of the most comprehensive disciple-making opportunities available to us in the United States, not only for our own children, but for all the people we interact with, if we use it well. Let us take the opportunity while we have it.

Thursday, September 05, 2013

We're Looking for a Few Dead Women

I'm glad someone has the courage to speak the obvious. Lt Col (Ret) Robert Maginnis explains why it is simply foolish to put women in ground combat units. You can watch his speech, "Deadly Consequences," here.

But let me say a few more words about why merely accumulating facts against women in combat will not work in our nation right now. We need to have situational awareness. What kind of situation are we in, and what response does it call for?

We are not in a situation of ignorance in our nation. We are in a situation of rebellion. We are not dealing with simpletons. We are dealing with fools. It is not merely that the powers that be, including the Joint Chiefs of Staff, are ignorant of the realities of combat and of the physical capabilities of women. If that were the case, a few history lessons or visits to some battlefields should clear things up in a hurry.

But that will not suffice, for we are dealing with a fundamentally religious issue. The powers that be really will make our daughters pass through the fire to Molech, or Equality, or Freedom, or whatever name they want to give to their god, for that is necessary to their pagan worldview. We have already slaughtered millions of babies. What's the brutal death of a comparatively few women going to matter, especially when it is "for a good cause"?

This is just one more front in the war against God's image. He created us male and female, and it is good. Yes, in a sin twisted world, we perceive reality, including our sexual reality, as in a fun house mirror. But Jesus has come to untwist the world, an in him we see what we were meant to be.

Here is where the church has her work cut out for her. We must lift high the substitutionary sacrifice of Jesus as the antidote to the slaughter of our women. His resurrection is our hope of new life. The grace of the Spirit flowing out in love renews us as real women and real men, even as we await the coming of Jesus' kingdom of righteousness and peace. Of course, accepting this message means repentance for all of our woman-degrading idolatry. But repentance is the answer to rebellion. Christians must demonstrate that the message of the cross is what America needs if she is to cherish the life of her women.