Saturday, September 14, 2013

Some Links for End of the Week Reading

If you are looking to fill a few spare minutes with some edifying reading this Saturday, here are few link for you to check out.

"Indulge Me in a Parable" about modesty, by Rebekah Jankovic

"Public Worship" by David de Bruyn, good preparation for tomorrow

"Paradigm Shift" by Kevin Bauder, on the radical secularism American Christians now face. A quote:
For at least three generations, American Christians have tried to teach their children the meaning of Christianity by offering them fun and games. This program has left increasing numbers of young people unable to resist the perspectives of secularization. The American church has won more and more young people to less and less Christianity. If the world is finally about to show its brutality, how can children be instructed so that they will shine as lights in the darkness? How will future generations of Christian leaders be equipped to shepherd their flocks through the savage days to come?

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