Thursday, September 05, 2013

We're Looking for a Few Dead Women

I'm glad someone has the courage to speak the obvious. Lt Col (Ret) Robert Maginnis explains why it is simply foolish to put women in ground combat units. You can watch his speech, "Deadly Consequences," here.

But let me say a few more words about why merely accumulating facts against women in combat will not work in our nation right now. We need to have situational awareness. What kind of situation are we in, and what response does it call for?

We are not in a situation of ignorance in our nation. We are in a situation of rebellion. We are not dealing with simpletons. We are dealing with fools. It is not merely that the powers that be, including the Joint Chiefs of Staff, are ignorant of the realities of combat and of the physical capabilities of women. If that were the case, a few history lessons or visits to some battlefields should clear things up in a hurry.

But that will not suffice, for we are dealing with a fundamentally religious issue. The powers that be really will make our daughters pass through the fire to Molech, or Equality, or Freedom, or whatever name they want to give to their god, for that is necessary to their pagan worldview. We have already slaughtered millions of babies. What's the brutal death of a comparatively few women going to matter, especially when it is "for a good cause"?

This is just one more front in the war against God's image. He created us male and female, and it is good. Yes, in a sin twisted world, we perceive reality, including our sexual reality, as in a fun house mirror. But Jesus has come to untwist the world, an in him we see what we were meant to be.

Here is where the church has her work cut out for her. We must lift high the substitutionary sacrifice of Jesus as the antidote to the slaughter of our women. His resurrection is our hope of new life. The grace of the Spirit flowing out in love renews us as real women and real men, even as we await the coming of Jesus' kingdom of righteousness and peace. Of course, accepting this message means repentance for all of our woman-degrading idolatry. But repentance is the answer to rebellion. Christians must demonstrate that the message of the cross is what America needs if she is to cherish the life of her women.

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