Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Chalcedon in the Cradle

This past Lord's Day we had some great theological discussion going on at church. Here's a snippet of one conversation.

Boy #1 (4 years old) mused: God is a nickname for Jesus.

Boy #2 (5 years old) responded indignantly: God is not a nickname!

Boy #3 (4 years old) said with finality: Jesus IS God.

We love hearing the young ones learn to speak of our Lord. We love passing on the faith, complete and entire, that God has graciously given us. To that end, this past Lord's Day we officially adopted the creed of Chalcedon as an official part of our church's confession of faith. May not only our young ones but also the whole world come to know Jesus Christ as perfect in Godhood and perfect in manhood, truly God and truly man.

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