Friday, December 27, 2013

All Nations Will Worship

Jesus left us with instructions to make disciples of all nations. We look forward to the day when "all nations will come and worship" the Lord, because his "righteous acts have been revealed" (Rev 15:4). 2013 has been a year in which HCBC learned to worship in such a way as to teach the nations to worship, and we will close out our corporate worship for the year with a recapitulation of the glorious truths that enable us to exalt Jesus as the saving Lord in all of life. Jesus is Lord!

God Himself Is Present
Come, Children, Learn to Fear the Lord (tune: Azmon)
Come, Ye that Fear the Lord (tune: St. Thomas)
Psalm 150

Scripture Reading
Old Testament: Numbers 12:1-16; Psalm 150
New Testament: Luke 24:36-53

Worship, Wisdom, and Work series: All Nations Will Come and Worship - Revelation 15:3-4; etc.

P.S. Don't forget our business meeting and prayer meeting in the afternoon. There is no better way to finish the year than in united prayer!

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