Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Seeing the Real World

Jim Hamilton says, "To catch a glimpse of the world as [the biblical authors] saw it is to see the real world"
(What Is Biblical Theology?).

Right on.

He goes on to say, "What I'm suggesting is that the Bible teaches Christians how the Bible should be read." Furthermore, he asks, "How should a follower of Jesus read the Bible? The way Jesus did....The biblical authors model a perspective for interpreting the Bible, history, and current events. Should we adopt that perspective today? Absolutely. Why? I'm convinced that the biblical authors were inspired by the Holy Spirit, that God guided them to the truth by his Spirit, and that, therefore, they got it right."

Preach it, brother.

He closes with this hope, which is our hope as a church. "I hope that you will adopt the perspective of the biblical authors and that you will read the world from the Bible's perspective, rather than reading the Bible from the world's."

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