Saturday, July 19, 2014

Open Your Eyes

Love is at the heart of life with God, for God is love. The Scripture calls upon us to see that love which will transform our lives. Join us to pursue that vision.

Lord Jesus Christ, We Seek Thy Face (667)
How Glorious Zion's Courts Appear (631)
On Jordan's Stormy Banks (649)
Praise the Savior (17)

Scripture Reading
Old Testament: Numbers 30:1-16; Psalm 124
New Testament: John 12:12-26

Behold What Love! - 1 John 3:1-3

Friday, July 11, 2014

Not Ashamed

"They are turned back and utterly put to shame, who trust in carved idols, who say to metal images, 'You are our gods'" (Isaiah 42:17, ESV).

The opposite of trusting in idols is abiding in Christ, and these two ways have opposite outcomes, being put to shame or confidence and joy, at Christ's coming. We want the second outcome in our lives, and if you want that too, join us to abide in Christ this Lord's Day.

Joy to the World (92)
I'm Not Ashamed (403)
Jesus, Thy Blood and Righteousness (400)
Christ Returneth (187)

Scripture Reading
Old Testament: Numbers 29:12-40; Psalm 123
New Testament: John 12:1-11

Not Ashamed - 1 John 2:28-29

Friday, July 04, 2014

Grateful to Be an American

I am first and foremost and forevermore a citizen of the kingdom of God. That is my true homeland. That is where my loyalty lies. My heart beats for the New Jerusalem and her King.

But I am called to live out that loyalty here and now as a citizen of the United States of America, and it is because of that loyalty that I am grateful to be an American. One needs only a passing acquaintance with the history of nations to realize how kind God has been to this nation and how kind God has been to me to make me a son of this nation.

There are many, many things to be grateful for on this Independence Day, but I want to specifically thank the Lord for making me an American.

The Great Teacher

Our brother Jeff will not be able to bring the Word to us this Lord's Day, as originally planned, since he is with his parents, ministering to them in their time of need. Therefore, we will continue meditating upon 1 John 2:27 and the anointing that God has given to us to know him in this last hour.

Holy, Holy, Holy (3)
Amazing Grace (247)
Jesus Loves Me (719)
Now Thank We All Our God (5)

Scripture Reading
Old Testament: Numbers 29:1-11; Psalm 136
New Testament: John 11:28-57

No Need that Anyone Should Teach You - 1 John 2:27