Saturday, November 22, 2014

Oh Give Thanks to the Lord

Dear HCBC Family and Friends,

Giving thanks to the Lord is the best way to make known that he is God, and we have a special opportunity to do just that tomorrow. I hope you have been thinking on the Lord’s steadfast love and faithfulness this week in order to stir up your hearts to praise him.

When we meet, we will base our response to the Lord on Psalm 107 (see below). I would encourage you to read through that psalm this evening, either personally or with your family.

We will follow our service of thanksgiving with a thanksgiving feast! During that time, we would like to hear testimonies from you of what the Lord has done for your soul this year.

The Lord is great, and greatly to be praised. May the Spirit give us the grace to do that together tomorrow.

Service of Thanksgiving
Call to Worship (Reading Psalm 107:1-3 in unison)
Choir: I Will Give Thanks
Psalm 107:4-9 - The Lord satisfies the longing soul.
Hymn: Psalm 23b
Psalm 107:10-16 - The Lord cuts in two the bars of iron.
Hymn: From Depths of Woe (337)
Psalm 107:17-22 - The Lord sends out his word and heals our sins.
Amazing Grace (setting by Richard Barber)
Psalm 107:23-32 - The Lord brings us safely to the desired haven.
Hymn: We Gather Together (709)
Psalm 107:33-42 - Gladness for the Lord's great works
Hymn: Now Thank We All Our God (5)
Psalm 107:43 (Reading in unison)

Sermon: Giving Thanks for Fellowship with God - 1 John

The Lord's Supper
Hymn: Psalm 117b

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